Importance of Custom URL for Google Plus Profile or Page

It was quite difficult to tell other of your google plus profile or page because of the long and complex url. But now I am pleased to take delivery of an email from Google announcing that I could get a custom Google+ URL for my Google+ profile. Earlier Google offered vanity url or custom url to celebrities or public figure only. But now Google is offering this characteristic to help simplify access to Google+ profile and pages and allow users more flexibility.

Mail for custom url

For instance, rather than being stuck with the complex Google+ URL of:

I could instead trade up for this Google+ URL:

Requirements For Getting A Custom URL

To get a custom URL, your account needs to be in good standing and meet a few other requirements.

For Individual Users:

  1. Ten or more follower.
  2. Account is 30 days old or more.
  3. Profile includes profile photo.

For Google Plus Pages:

  1. Local Google+ Pages: Must be a verified local business.
  2. For Non-local Google+ Pages: Must be linked to a website.

It’s not quite honest to say Google lets you pick your new URL. Instead, when you click the “Get URL” button at the top of your Google Plus profile and page, you’ll see the one or more possible URLs Google’s approved for your account. Choose the one you like best

G plus Custom URL

We told you in the beginning your personalized URL would be easier for your connections to find. But the new URL makes it easier for friends to search your account too.

For example, let’s say you want to see someone’s photos or video on their Google Plus page. Just add the keywords “photos” or “video” at the end of the new Google personalized URL like this:, or

Hope you find the article a little more helpful understanding the importance of vanity url or custom url for your Google plus profile and pages.

VikasPratap G+


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