5 Big Lies Interviewers Tell Job Candidates

Due to overwork and large applicant pools, recruiters often tell little white lies to job candidates. Here are seven most common lies interviewers tell job candidates in infographic.

(1) “We will call you and get back to you in sometime”.

For the job seekers this statement is like a red flag. According to the experience of most of the job candidates, “getting back to you”, most of the time means that somewhere the interviewer is not impressed and is considering you as an option in case they don’t find a best candidate. Keeping expectation from such interview might not be a good idea.

(2) “We are impressed but still need to interview more people”

If they are really so impressed, then why they are informing you that they need to interview more people? In a way they were hinting you that it may not just work out. When interviews say that it means that they find you a potential candidate but they are not entirely satisfied and are looking for a better candidate.

5 Big Lies

(3) “We will give you salary considering your work experience”

Undoubtedly experience counts but salary is not always based on that. Before recruiting, the company has a pre-decided salary package, in case interviewer cities your experience as reason for lower salary package, make sure you are well researched about the position and the salary package so that you are not fooled and can negotiate well.

(4) “You would find a great working atmosphere sans any politics”

You are definitely not a child to fall for this line. Where there is a competition there is bound to be politics. You can’t escape that. Every interviewer would like to portray the company in a better and a good way but you should be smart enough to figure out he truth.

(5)  “We offer many benefits to our employees”

Don’t just take the words. It may be seem nice and reassuring but without the exact details you never know. Benefits are offered, but the details would do a lot better than the words. Ensure research and ask about it.

Credit for Some wonderful thoughts which added extra value:

1. Amit Dey:                 https://www.facebook.com/amit.dey.92775

2. Purnima Singh:   https://www.facebook.com/Purnima.Singh.SEO

3. Sanjeet Sharma: https://www.facebook.com/sanjeetkaran

4. Vinay Rana:           https://www.facebook.com/vinayrana10


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