How to Format Post on Google Plus

Just a few days ago there was a new beast in the market of smartphones. OnePlus One is a brand new mobile in which you can format the text, icon, size according to their personality. What if you can get the same features with a social networking sites?

What a social media marketer needs when he post a status, article and image on google plus. He/she want to get the maximum visibility for his/her post. In order to make a message or a post outstanding and to grab your followers attention it is necessary that you format your Google plus posts.

Unlike posts on other popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Google plus is the first social giant which gave the feature to its user to format the style of your text or the entire post.

Google Plus users can bold, italicize and strikethrough text to make their posts more striking and visually inviting. Here is how you can format your Google Plus posts:

Formating text on G+

Note: All the short codes will take effect only after you share it.

Post Editor for Google Plus Extension:

If you want to give your post a more personalize customization, use the post editor for google+ extension. It runs on Google chrome browser. This extension adds formatting buttons in your post box. You can simple select text or sentence and then choose the formatting option. You can also add some symbols like emotions.

Post  editor for google+

Hope this post helped you to format Google plus posts. If you know any other short codes to format text in Google plus then please mention below in comments.


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