Feelings That Every Social Media Person Have

Being a social media manager is no piece of cake. You’ve got to tweet 5 million times a day, reply to all those demanding customers and toughest of all, answer your boss’s never ending questions on ROI. Every holiday when your friends are going to parties but you have to be in office cuz “real-time marketing”.

If you work in a social media team, here are top thoughts you’ve had for sure:

[1] When explaining what you do to your grandparents

Explaining to your grandparents

[2] The inexplicable joy when someone finally gets what your job actually means

Actual job

[3] Or better, when someone asks you for social media advice for their small business

i will be your champion

[4] When the numbers have been looking good

looking good

[5] When an influencer reposts you unprompted your little chest puffs out with pride


[6] When your colleague takes a look at what you’re doing and goes “Woah! I can’t imagine how you make any ROI out of all that data

Your colleagues

[7] Oh the rage when you need to wait and wait to get approval for that super funny tweet, and when you finally get permission, the moment has passed

throw out

[8] When your boss says tweeting shouldn’t take that much time

Are you kidding

[9] When your sales team says it gave them no leads

no leads

[10] When you’re made to answer the dreaded ROI question for the millionth time

kill me now

[11] When you have to put all your work into one tiny presentation because performance review


[12] But you show them with the most insightful report that includes engagement, share of voice, sentiment and all the magical numbers

insightful report

[13] When you finally finish that massive report you’ve been working on for days and then decide to cc everyone so they can see how awesome you are


[14] Finally when your boss says they might increase the budget for social advertising

Happiness of increasing the budget[15] At the end of the day, when you realize no matter what, you love your job

Love your job


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